Due to the impact of Coronavirus, Gainsborough House has now shut down as a social meeting centre. It has been put into its secondary mode as an emergency centre operating as a mutual aid centre. Contact details for each of our support providers are as follows:

Feeding Gainsborough:
Go online to the Feeding Gainsborough Facebook page and fill in the online order form. If you cannot access Facebook please ring 01427 615849 and speak to Affordable Foods.

Gains Com Wheels: 01427 611441
Probation Service: 07711 161754 (Shaun) and 07753 446290 (Steph)
Gainsborough House: 01427 811160

Volunteering at Gainsborough House

Gainsborough House Volunteering

Gainsborough House VolunteeringInterested in doing something worthwhile? Would you like to develop new skills? Can you give a commitment for one year initially? Make new friends? We require voluteers for fundraising events, health and safety, caring support, public relations, committee work, general helping tasks, publicity distribution, community contacts, networking and much more. For further information, please contact us and speak to David Belton.


Contact Us


01427 811160

Gainsborough House Community Centre, 18 Parnell Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

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